Monday, January 7, 2013

year-listing with the kids

It was the kid's last day of freedom today so I took them out birding all day to give them a run out. We kicked off at Klarningen where raptors doid not disappoint; kestrel and rough-legged buzzard on the year-list here. A few geese north during the short session too - Canadas and greylags.

A look-in at Petersberg was less inspiring - a single tufted duck for the year. Nearby at Eskilstorpsstrand things got a little more exciting with four scaup and two Slavonian grebes being the highlights. That left just enough time for a quick look at Båstad for an over-wintering white wagtail and three long-tailed ducks. I just found out that the latter is officially a threatened species these days. Sobering stuff.

After lunch we headed out again hoping to check out the wet and smelly field near the sewage pumping station at Rammsjöstrand. Unfortunately the water company had finally realised that it was time to do something about the sewage leak here and there was a digger in the field - so no snipe and water pipit for us. We walked about a bit but all we could add to the year-list was a pair of greenfinch (a species that is definitely scarcer in BK these days, another sobering thought). Takes me to 53 for the year, still plenty to find...

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