Monday, October 14, 2013


Things quietened down on Sunday. I arrived at Segeltorpsstrand to find not much going on overhead, although the occasional flock of siskins swept south. I walked the circuit for a while, picking up five grey plovers and going through the meagre numbe rof chiffchaff and goldcrest present. Eventually news that the five great egrets were heading south from Torekov took me back to the coast to try and catch them as they flew past. But no joy [it transpires that they hooked back onto Hallands Väderö, because seven were there this morning!].

Later in the day I was busy in the garden and looked at my SMS's too late to notice that a single great egret was at Klarningen! I got there an hour-and-a-half after the message went out and dipped pretty easily. A late hobby was reasonable compensation though and five pintail were on site. I did not stay long and headed back to domestic chores.

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