Friday, October 25, 2013

two more BK year-ticks

An adult peregrine was scaring up the birds at Klarningen this morning. Raptors dominated the show at this site today a sure sign of impending winter.

A morning in the field felt rather luxurious after an autumn where I have been working just a little too much to keep in touch with what is going on in BK bird-wise. Decided to check for any stray seabirds at Båstad today but before that I could not resist checking Klarningen.  Plenty of water on the site and wildfowl are still a feature here. A good-sized flock of geese lifted as I arrived and I could hear at least one white-front in amongst the greylag as they departed. Around the site 90 teal, 23 wigeon and 8 shoveler were nothing unusual. Two whooper swans were my first of the autumn though. High overhead migration was happening with flocks of lapwing golden plover and wood pigeon all appearing regularly and heading resolutely south. But it was raptors that stole the show with hen harrier (1K), peregrine (adult) and two rough-legged buzzard in residence.

Båstad did not disappoint, I was hoping for some stray seabirds after yesterday's blow and perhaps a black redstart or a kingfisher for my year-list and it worked out quite well. Off the harbour a number of tired 1K gannets looked good and a few others drifted west. All was quiet otherwise until a little auk buzzed past close in going west. Nice and just what I needed after yesterday's poor decision to spend the morning at Båstad! Still no sign of a little gull for me this year though... Walking back through the harbour a silent kingfisher whizzed off, a difficult bird in BK these days. The last three winter's have taken their toll and this was my first BK bird for 21 months. So very welcome!

Before lunch I managed to fit in a quick look at Torekovs rev. Things were rather quiet here, two adult white-tailed eagles were sitting out on an island off Hallands Väderö and a gannet cruised by. Met Nick Gräntz here, he has lost his mojo this autumn but doubtless will find it again somewhere.

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