Monday, March 2, 2009

Birding - 02/03/09

Today saw us relocate from Småland back to the patch. The three-hour drive down was poor for birds and it rained most of the way. The highlight was a single jay - a year-tick! In the afternoon I chased an apparently erroneous report of a gyr falcon on the patch. Despite the rain it felt much milder here than in Småland, most of the snow has now gone from the ground and the temperature was well above zero.

A thrash about for a couple of hours on the coast revealed that eider numbers are building nicely (making king eider a definite possibility), shelduck have now arrived in force and ringed plovers were scattered about (many already on territory). The rev at Torekov had an uncountable number of purple sandpiper, they were swarming all over it, feeding avidly and flying a lot. Before heading home I walked the reedbed edge at nearby Flyttermossen and pished out a tit-flock that contained my first reed bunting of the year.

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