Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birding - 07/03/09

Ranarpstrand has a jumble of offshore rocks much favoured by roosting gulls and waders, it is also on the north-south flyway up the coast and is excellent for coastal vismigging.

Spent the morning working on the house... The wind finally settled down in the afternoon, so we all headed out. An hour and a half at Ranarpstrand/Grytskaren produced a few good birds. The easy highlight for me was a flock of a dozen snow buntings that flew in from the south and pitched down in a jumble of rocks right in front of me. It's only my fifth record on the patch. Out on the distant Grytskaren skerries were at least two purple sandpipers and three shags. A total of three Slavonian grebes floated about offshore - one starting to colour up nicely. Winds shift to the south tomorrow which should result in some migration.

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