Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birding - 25/03/09 - St. Lucia

Ischnura ramburii - a new damselfly spotted at Pigeon Island NP today

Female Ischnura ramburii

Erythrodiplax umbrata - one of the libellulids photographed yesterday and identified last night by consulting this site 

Settling into a Caribbean pace here quite nicely. Spent the hour after dawn going around the hotel grounds and nearby patches of remnant forest. The easy highlight were two very showy mangrove cuckoos - my first.

We spend the afternoon taking an easy stroll around Pigeon Island NP in the north of the island. Here we get good views of yellow warbler and Lesser Antillean saltator. Offshore rocks held our first brown boobies, royal tern and even two Sandwich tern (the latter a scarce bird in Saint Lucia). A small pool holds our first damselfly of the trip - a bluetail. We also see plenty of small Indian mongooses - an unwelcome introduced species in this neck of the woods.

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