Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birding - 19/08/09

Spent the morning helping out with Number 3's induction into our day-care centre. Camped out in the garden and let them get on with it, giving Number 3 the occasional 'consultation'. The bird highlight came at 1030 when two cranes came over noisily south. The spring migration of this species is so impressive, but in autumn they tend to slip quietly south in pairs or small family parties. Surprisingly there seemed to be little else moving over the village during the morning.

In the mid-afternoon we all headed out to Glimminge and I went for a short walk. Very little wader activity here with just snipe (11), redshank (2) and wood sandpiper (4). A search of the boundary between Vasaltheden and Glimminge can be good for migrants and is a favourite autumn haunt of mine. Things were quiet here too with just spotted flycatcher (3), redstart (1), whinchat (2), whitethroat (1) and willow warbler (5). On the plus side I finally recorded blue tit for the month! Things have got to get going soon surely!

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