Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dragging - 28/7/09

It has been a while since I last saw Calopteryx xanthostoma too, this one (a close relative of splendens) is restricted to south-west Europe

A widespread species (Platycnemis pennipes) but my first of the year

Had an afternoon around a few streams and along the Dordogne with the kids this afternoon to try and get some exercise and a breath of fresh air. The small stream near Les Quartre Routes de Lot was OK with plenty of Calopteryx virgo, a few xanthostoma, Platycnemis pennipes and a single territorial Onychogomphus uncatus. A backwater of the Dordogne near Vayrac produced both Onychogomphus species and Anax imperator, as well as xanthostoma and pennipes. Number 1 found an entertaining pair of water voles here too.

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