Saturday, August 8, 2009

Painting - 08/08/09

Another day on the south face of the house (it is a small house but the job drags on and on...). Whilst setting up in the morning I was awake enough to notice two tree pipits (south) and a pair of cranes flying low and quietly over the house searching for thermals, we get a few failed breeders through at this time of year.

The autumn migration point (Grötvik) just north of us in Halland is reporting good numbers of yellow wagtail, tree pipit and crossbill on the move. Sadly these birds probably head straight to Denmark I suspect or dissipate as they cross the bay, big numbers at Grötvik are a good indication of what is going on though and when things really get going we can get spectacular vismig along the coast and even through the garden.

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