Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dragging - 23/08/09 and some birds

Another mid-afternoon walk, saw us all visiting the dragonfly pools at Frestensfälla. The late afternoon was warm enough for several species to be flying. A number of Aeshna juncea were patrolling and it was good to catch one to compare with yesterday's subarctica. Also on the wing were Sympetrum danae (small numbers) and Lestes sponsa (still abundant).

Aeshna juncea - in the hand pale spots were noted on the occiput and the underside of the thorax was plain.

Whilst we were looking at dragonflies, a flock moved through the trees and we heard both willow and crested tit. The former is hard to find here but does breed on the patch, the latter is hard to pin down in the breeding season but come the autumn and winter is much easier to see. Last winter a cresty took up residence at Torekov rev and could be watched feeding out on the seaweed with rock and water pipits!

On the way home we watched the 'retro-farmers' at Ehrenstorp cutting a crop with a horse-drawn reaping machine. On the other side of the road the family party of cranes was feeding quietly. A horse field nearby had at least ten yellow wagtails feeding in it. Nice afternoon session.

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