Saturday, February 27, 2010

...and having writ, moves on...

With the kids in the safe hands of both grandmothers, Mrs B and I took our grief outdoors and went for walk. Birding has always been a great comfort to me at difficult times and I am lucky that Mrs B shares this. It felt good to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air.

We spent an hour at Ripagården first. As we arrived we noticed a small group of mistle thrushes feeding along the shoreline. Out on the sea-ice a couple of miserable-looking ringed plovers were the first of the year and looked very out of place. We trudged about in the deep snow hearing a black woodpecker, offshore were at least 8 goosander and two coot and out on the farthest tip of Gröthögarna, a big goshawk sat around before drifting south.

A quick look at Torekov also produced a few good birds. The harbour held at least three goosander and a female smew. Offshore black guillemot numbers continue to rise with at least six recorded, also here a Slavonian grebe and three great crested grebes. No sign of any shags in the roost here though and also no sign of any purple sandpipers.

Life goes on...

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