Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leaving Gujarat

With a poor monsoon in mind and dry conditions inland, we visited a coastal wetland called Sodav Bankhara (near Kodinar). It was rammed with birds and we had an all too brief sesson here, dashing about and looking at things. This roosting flock of demoiselle cranes took exception to our presence and lifted into the air in a spectacular fashion.

Dalmatian pelican - just one of the many wetland birds that were present at Sodav Bankhara. We also saw green turtles mooching about offshore and plenty of evidence of egg-laying.

Velavadar produced large numbers of blackbuck as usual, but we skunked out on striped hyaena and wolf.

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  1. Welcome back Phil. Sounds like a fantastic trip.. I might fancy a second crack at the Steppe Eagle in the next couple of weeks if you are interested.. T