Saturday, February 20, 2010

Garden tick - white-tailed eagle!

Ten centimetres of snow overnight combined with jetlag saw me out the door at 0600 to shovel snow off the drive and paths. Will have to do the roof soon if this carries on! Looked up whilst digging my way out to the feeders around 0700 to see a 2K white-tailed eagle fly by. A long-anticipated garden tick - what a monster! Where's that goldie?

Spent the day looking after sick children and then had half an hour at Torekov. The rev looked pretty bleak under a blanket of snow, huge ice buildup on the rocks offshore and tiny bergs floating about on the sea. Five male goosander looked superb against this backdrop. Male smew would be hard to spot! Not much doing on the bird front otherwise, although seven goldfinch at Flytermossen looked rather out of place given the conditions. Nearby at the harbour had two adult shag on offshore rocks as well as a nice summer plumage black guillemot and a single coot. More snow forecast tonight...

Torekov rev - unrecognisable.

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