Thursday, April 29, 2010


More nesting at Klarningen, this lapwing clutch just survived the recent management at the site.

Dawn saw me on the beach at Eskilstorpsstrand at the start of a day spent birding in Halland. No sign of any red-throated diver concentrations yet north of the patch from Eskilstorpsstrand. But the session here produced some good birds; long-tailed duck (2), red-necked grebe (16), osprey (1 - at last!) and greenshank (1).

Drove the short distance over to Klarningen next. Here it was evident that a few migrants had fallen out in the overnight rain. The riverside trees held a mixed warbler flock, mostly Phylloscs, but including one blackcap and my first whitethroat of the year (beating last year's date by one day). My first cuckoo of the year sang nearby, another early bird. The trees near the small pool had a couple of song thrushes, which soon headed off north. The wetland was rather quiet, although the usually inconspicuous pair of little ringed plovers were up and displaying madly. Viewing across the river to Eskilstorpsdammar produced greenshank (1), green sandpiper (1) and wood sandpiper (3).

Picked up breakfast and the kids, and gave Mrs B the day off. The kids and I headed up to Älemossen first. En route we picked up a big flock of 150 fieldfare at Bjäred. Älemossen is always worth walking. Best bird was a high hen harrier (female) going north like a good 'un. Tree pipits, redstarts and my first pied flycatchers all appeared as we tramped the woods and heathland. A pair of bullfinch distracted us as we tracked moose through the vegetation, we failed to find a moose here but got lucky driving to our next site, with four by the road north of Snapparp.

A mangy moose, one of four females/young that we bumped into by the roadside at Snapparp en route to Trönninge ängar. The kids were stoked - a lifer for them.

As it was still raining we headed north off-patch to the only hide for miles around - at Trönninge ängar. Whilst we ate I had time to check out what was on the pools. Some good birds including; white-fronted goose (1), pochard (male), little grebe (heard), little gull (2K), grey-headed wagtail (male) and my first sedge and reed warbler of the year (both heard only).

On the way home we stopped at Tönnersa for the kids to have a well-earned paddle and play. They were soon wading about in the sea and we had a great time mucking about. Not much time for birds here but I could not avoid the summer-plumage black-throated diver that flew down the river and landed on the sea nearby. Smart birds.

A single 2K little gull was found amongst the throng of black-headeds at Trönninge ängar. I always like seeing these diminutive larids.

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