Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"ere Iceland, we said send the cash!"

Management at Buckenham Marshes (now RSPB) has changed hugely since I worked here in the 1980s. The site is much much wetter now and supports many more pairs of waders. Lapwing seemed thin on the ground though during a recent visit.

Just had a slightly longer than anticipated stop-over in the UK. Did not get out birding much but got the distinct impression that migrants are rather slow to return this spring. Norfolk always seems a bit birdless after Sweden though, and I cannot believe how little we have seen whilst driving about. The pick of a few sessions here came yesterday with a trip to Buckenham Marshes, on the Yare. The easy highlight were four black-tailed godwits, looking at home and a splendid endorsement for the management of the site. Also avocet (10) and redshank (6 pairs). Wildfowl included shoveler (8 pairs), gadwall (7 pairs), teal (4 pairs) and wigeon (15). Sedge warblers were singing from the trackside reeds.

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