Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs B!

Dawn saw me stumbling around in the garden, a lesser whitethroat was rattling away on territory. Before breakfast I nipped out to Öllövsstrand which had a good selection of the migrants that are readily available at the moment, including my first patch thrush nightingale and a singing whitethroat.

The rest of the very wet morning was spent walking the beech woods at Dömestorp with the family celebrating Mrs B's birthday, hard to see or hear anything in the rain so we stuck slugs onto Number 1's face. Very fetching. We ate our picnic in the car on the beach at Mellbystrand but remained undisturbed by birds.

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  1. slug picts please if you have them. happy birthday mrs. b! love to you all. see you soonish xoxoxo