Thursday, April 19, 2012


Had time for a bit of birding in the morning of the 16th. Checked Greviebackar for ring ouzels, will I ever see one here I wonder? A pair of wheatears were in residence though and a barn swallow flew through.

Took the team to Dagshög next and we sheltered out of the biting northerly wind, fairly quiet here though in the hour we were here. Just a few barnacle geese shuttling back and forth and another feeding barn swallow.

Torekov rev in a quick look produced three purple sandpipers but little else of note. A rather scrappy effort!

On the way to Helsingborg to celebrate Number 2's birthday in the time-honoured fashion we diverted to Farhult chasing glaucous gull but in the short time available I could not pick it out. It must have moved on.

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