Sunday, April 29, 2012

BK blackwit

My first (and hopefully not last) BK tick of the spring, a superb black-tailed godwit found by Thomas Wallin at Klarningen today. My last four BK ticks have been found by other people...

After a morning in the garden we decided to head out for a picnic, we had nearly arrived at Glimminge plantering when the phone went... Wallin had found a black-tailed godwit at Klarningen! A BK tick! So we turned round and headed over there. The bird was not showing on arrival but soon turned up and bloody good it was too! Black-tailed godwit are great birds and I see so few these days that I really appreciate them. Also here the usual suspects including at least 15 wood sandpipers, a greenshank and a spotted redshank. The lone white-fronted goose was also showing today.

After lunch we headed out to Eskilstorpsstrand, the NE wind was cutting up the sea and making scoter viewing difficult but we were rewarded with a nice flyby - a hobby batting north in a light stream of barn swallows.

Reports of a cuckoo had us going over the top on the way home and taking in Lya ljunghed. No sign of the cuckoo but we did get two whinchat.

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  1. Nice Godwit! One of my favourite waders...