Monday, April 30, 2012


Our walk into Eskilstorpsdammar was livened up by a nice fall of whinchat, my first common whitethroat of the year and a nice view of a wryneck. Bonus!

Finally some sun! Ate breakfast admiring the garden's latest arrival - a new-in and very feisty pied flycatcher. Also the first garden lesser whitethroat of the year too.

Took the kids for a walk out to Eskilstorpsdammar in the afternoon, hoping for some early dragonfly action. No joy on the Odo-front but we did well for birds. The blackthorn hedges en route to the pools produced a flock of ten-plus whinchat and a singing male whitethroat. Walking the pools we were pleased to find a superb wryneck, a pair of garganey and a singing grasshopper warbler. Not a bad return for the effort of walking into the place.

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