Wednesday, March 6, 2013

glaucous smawkous

I got round to checking Svalan this morning over breakfast to discover that the glaucous gull was still showing and has moved south into BK! It is still obviously showing only occasionally though as yet another session there this morning failed to turn it up. Whooper swans were on the move though and offshore from Eskilstorpsstrand were a few velvet scoters to go through and at least 18 tufted duck and a female smew. My only year-tick here was a heard-only curlew.

I took a break at Klarningen halfway and was pleased to see open water at last, although most of the site remains iced up. The water had attracted in some wildfowl, including two wigeon, a pair of gadwall and at least nine teal. Five lapwing were dotted around.

Dipping again I headed home, picking up three waxwing and my first hawfinch of the year in Båstad. Later whilst working in the garden I had another hawfinch 'pixing' overhead.

In the afternoon I returned to Båstad with Number 1 and we fed the ducks and checked through the gulls. Just another pair of gadwall here sadly. More gulling tomorrow for me I guess.

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