Sunday, March 17, 2013

wild wolf chase

Scrambled the family twice today and headed off to search parts of NW Skåne for wolf. One has been reported on-and-off all this year but was finally seen by birders near Vegeholm this morning and got on the grapevine. This may be the same wolf that was implicated in the death of three sheep in BK in mid-January. Anyway we gave it a good go this morning before heading home for a grilled lunch at Ripagården empty-handed.

It was not over though, whilst I was cooking dinner in the evening the phone rang, it was Martin Åkesson. His wife had just passed the wolf on the E6, it was trying to go east across the carriageway but not having much fun in the heavy Sunday afternoon traffic. We all piled into the car again and headed down the motorway. Suffice to say we did not see the animal but it may still be around...

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