Monday, March 4, 2013

quiet afternoon

Today's highlight (!) was a colour-ringed black-headed gull at Eskilstorpsstrand - I think white J63 will prove to be a Danish ringed bird.

Spent the afternoon birding today but things were quiet for me. Checked Klarningen first, arriving  just as a helicopter flushed all the geese! Chasing swans I strayed over the border into Laholm kommun and was immediately punished by three lapwing - a year-tick (but outside BK). Eskilstorpsstrand had a good-sized flock of gulls but no sign of the glaucous gull. Båstad had a surprise in the form of a male gadwall with no tail! Also here four long-tailed duck remain and a single oystercatcher was sitting out on the rocks. 

The lengthening days meant that Number 2 and I could check out Ranarpsstrand after school. Something she was not entirely pleased about. I am not sure the total of 23 shelduck and a rock pipit was worth the tears.

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