Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getterön re-visited

Dropped in for lunch at Getterön on our way south today. 45 minutes here produced the Med gulls at least, I found two 3K birds and one 2K bird in the black-headed gull colony which was nice. A few other year-ticks intruded too with golden plover (40 - at last!), thrush nightingale (singing male), sedge warbler (2 males singing) and reed warbler (one male singing). Other notables included a 2K peregrine. Great spot.

On the way home we stopped off at Klarningen chasing a reported Temminck's stint but no joy. At least 31 wood sandpipers here though, as well as single greenshank and common sandpiper. Seemed awfully small after Getterön!

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