Sunday, May 5, 2013

the epic scale of Getterön - 03052013

 Mrs B's birthday celebrations in Gothenburg this weekend allowed us to have a first look at Getterön, what a spectacular birding location! I cannot believe it has taken us nearly six years to visit. My photos do not do justice to the sweeping scale and sheer majesty of this site. There must have been 3000 barnacle geese on site and a quick look revealed a single black-tailed godwit, three bearded tit and 47 cranes, not to mention the uncountable numbers of gadwall (60+) and avocet (100+).

Had a morning hour at Klarningen, prior to relocating for the weekend. Klarningen was quiet with 10+ wood sandpiper the dubious highlight. Stopped off at Getterön on our way north and enjoyed the May sun whilst checking through a few birds. The highlights being a black-tailed godwit, three bearded tits, loads of avocet and gadwall and 47 cranes.

The huge black-headed gull colony near 'the big hide' was hosting a pair of Med gulls but we failed to find them in amongst the horde on this visit.

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