Sunday, May 19, 2013

spoonbill hunting

Woke up late this morning and checked the computer for bird info as a matter of course. Normally there is nothing to deflect me from my intended course of action but a spoonbill was being ticked off as it flew south down the coast of Halland and an appearance in BK seemed likely. I headed for Klarningen. No sign of the spoonbill sadly, if I was on the Swedish bird alarm system I would have known that the bird had pitched in for a rest a little bit north of BK. Klarningen appeared quiet initially but birds started coming out after a while, including three Temminck's stints, greenshank (1) and a good count of four little ringed plovers.

Went home over the top and this paid off with honey buzzard (1 - BK year-tick) and a flyby common crossbill (ditto, male - incredibly scarce this year but presumed resident) at Brödalt. Lya Ljunghed was interesting with a pair of green sandpipers on site, as well as the usual displaying snipe (2 males).

With an appointment at ten at Salomonhög I headed that way and on arrival was rewarded with a singing male rosefinch. The spoonbill meanwhile pitched up just across the motorway from Klarningen in Skottorps dammar and may well have been visible in flight from BK as it made it's way there... C'est la vie.

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