Monday, May 13, 2013

woohoo! Coenagrion armatum in BK!

A dream Odo - a trip out to Eskilstorpsdammar this morning hoping for Sympecma instead turned up a single male Coenagrion armatum. I was completely stunned. A first for BK that takes my Odo list in the municipality to 41!

Heading out the door this morning to make the most of a sunny morning turned out to be a great idea, despite a huge amount on the the 'To Do' list... Checked out Klarningen first for birds, water levels continue to drop out of proportion to neighbouring wet areas, when will they fix the leaks? Birds were in short supply with a female merlin that landed briefly in the tree behind the tower the standout highlight. Also gadwall (male) and shoveler (pair).

Next I walked into Eskilstorps dammar where birds were more exciting; a singing garden warbler and a visible (for once) grasshopper warbler being BK year-ticks. Also here a nice hobby through and a singing sedge warbler. But it was the Odos that excited me. Unbeknownst to me the day I left for Öland the flood gates opened and Odos appeared en masse in Skåne, so I was rather surprised to find so much going on around the pools. Pyrrhosoma nymphula and Coenagrion pulchellum were emerging in numbers. A single Coenagrion hastulatum was perhaps the first reported this year in Sweden. Larger stuff was on the wing too but disobliging in the strongish wind, Cordulia aenea, Libellula quadrimaculata and Leucorrhinia rubicunda all gave UTVs. But the big surprise came on the return leg when a re-working of the small pools near the holiday huts turned up a single male Coenagrion armatum. Happy days, my 41st Odonate in BK, I was on cloud 9. What a stunning result.

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