Sunday, July 1, 2012

the cranberries

Giggity. Lilioceris lilii in action in the garden. Worth planting some lilies for these guys if you haven't got any in your garden.

After a typically late Sunday start we all got out in the field for an afternoon session. Checked out a series of dragonfly sites but although the sun was shining, it was cool and the wind was strongish from the west. Not ideal. Had a quick look at Bränneslätt first, few Odonates on the wing here but double cranberry on the butterfly front, with both cranberry fritillary and my first BK cranberry blue flying.

Älemossen next, way too windy here and no sign of any Somatochlora arctica. Again few Odonates on the wing but did find more cranberry fritillaries and a single small pearl-bordered fritillary.Last stop of the day was at the small reserve at Ledtorpet. Just a lot of boggy grassland and one male Libellula depressa encountered.

 Leucorrhinia dubia

My first BK cranberry blue (Vacciniina optilete) appeared in front of the lens this afternoon at Bränneslätt.

Checked out the small nature reserve at Ledtorpet for the first time today. Very boggy and looks interesting, no sign of any of the good butterflies that are reported here, just a single male Libellula depressa.

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