Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wader go Klarningen

Spent the day in the field but most of it was going macro with the kids - my new lens has rather rapidly turned me into some-sort of pan-species listing maniac! Will post some shots later when I have identified some of the species represented. Really enjoying the hoverflies and long-horn beetles available in BK at the moment. This could get dangerously addictive and not a little time-consuming.

Did manage some wader counting during a two-hour spell at Klarningen in the afternoon though and I am pleased to report that birds are present in hitherto only dreamed-of numbers. The waders counted included; little stint (1), Temminck's stint (1), curlew sandpiper (6), dunlin (35!), ruff (4), spotted redshank (1) and greenshank (9). This could get good and it is not too late for Klarningen's first big rare.

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