Thursday, July 19, 2012

spouting nonsense

A water spout just off Torekov was the most exciting find today, we got incredibly close being on hand when it hit land and collapsed.

Nipped out on in the afternoon on a grey day to give the kids a run out and try and find a good wader location for this autumn. Wader spots move around on the coast of Bjäre depending on where the rotting weed banks are and they can be hard work to find some years. Straight away we lucked in on a my first ever water spout, a beauty performing just offshore south of Torekov. A good start.

The condensation funnel.

Påarps Mal was rather quiet after the water spout, but there was a green woodpecker in the carpark, and a handful of dunlin down on the shore. Twenty barnacle geese was a good total and then we moved on. The rev was very disturbed and produced just 10 dunlin.

We did find a small but well-used weed bank at Norra Ängalag and on it were at least 30 dunlin, two curlew sandpipers and a little stint. Partial result, then it started to rain and we went home for tea.

Mating green-veined white at Norra Ängalag today. Invertebrates somehow manage to get on with their lives despite the revolting weather of the past few weeks.

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  1. Very cool water spout! I have only seen one and that was partial (didn't reach the sea). Superb images, too.