Friday, July 20, 2012


I call him 'Tiny' coz he's my newt. Nice comparison between the larva of common newt and great crested newt during today's pond-dipping session at Dalen. Even as larva great crested newts are noticeably darker, broader-headed and have kind of creepy thin 'Fu-Man-chu' fingers.

Another late start today saw us heading to nearby Vejbystrand chasing two reported broad-billed sandpipers. They were still there roosting 400 metres on the wrong side of the BK border and fast asleep. An osprey fishing just offshore was fun to watch.

Spent the afternoon at Dalen, the weed here produced a single Temminck's stint and a curlew sandpiper but we spent most of our time pond-dipping. Very few beetles but we caught larvae of both common and great crested newt and also the larvae of at least five species of Odonata (which have yet to be identified).

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