Monday, July 16, 2012

southward bound

I have given up looking for adults and we are now familiarising ourselves with the larva of Sweden's Odonata, this one is Leucorrhinia dubia I reckon. We were just getting started on our first-ever family pond-dip in the afternoon when the heavens opened and we had to run to the car. It's starting to piss me off...

Yesterday evening we were all up at Salmon Height's enjoying a BBQ in a heinous westerly with occasional showers. Overhead a steady stream of swifts were heading west - so soon? 

This morning the westerly wind continued and after a late night the best I could do was an 8 o'clock start! Spent nearly three hours at Ripagården and was pleased to log a light passage of waders that consisted mainly of dunlin (46) but also grey plover (2), knot (10 - BK year-tick), bar-tailed godwit (8 - BK year-tick) and turnstone (1). A young peregrine idly pursued an oystercatcher past my position and then the tables were reversed and the oystercatcher chased it off. Perhaps the most enjoyable bird though was a full summer-plumage Slavonian grebe that dropped into a raft of eider just offshore and looked fantastic.

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