Thursday, December 5, 2013

feeding the ivory and a disappointing seawatch

I got to the ivory gull this morning to find he was already full of herring! Dropped off some more food though to see him through the approaching storm...

Getting down to Båstad was problematical this morning when Mrs B nicked the car at the last moment, after being let down by a normally reliable bus service. I got the kids to school and me to Båstad, thanks to help from a friend and walked up the pier to feed the ivory gull. He did not seem to be so pleased to see me today and a member of the small gallery watching it admitted they had already delivered a nice fresh herring that had been enjoyed to the full...

After a very brief look at the gull I retreated to the breakwater at the harbour mouth to do some seawatching. It soon became apparent that the wind was backing southerly rather alarmingly, the sea was calm and only a few birds were passing closeby. Two gannets and a black-throated diver were my highlights in two hours... If we survive the overnight storm that is rattling the house at the moment  and I can get out tomorrow to the sea it should be interesting at Båstad I reckon.

Five waxwing kept me company in Båstad as I waited for the bus.

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