Monday, December 2, 2013

more ivory

Nipped out in the morning to feed the ivory gull at Båstad and meet up with a very pleased and relieved Paul Cook. It is a great bird! A few flybys by the ever-elusive kingfisher were a bonus.


 After an hour or so I dragged myself away to try and photograph the lesser whitethroat at Glimminge and get a useful 'month-tick'. It was playing hard to get when I arrived, probably because a determined set of jul-vultures were ripping into the pile of pine it lived in for Christmas decor... Eventually though peace descended and the bird started to behave. No clues as to it's origin though and no tell-tale tit-like calls... Found a water pipit nearby whilst we waited in the early part of the session here, they have been slow to appear this winter but I suspect a trawl around the usual locations would turn up a few now.

Lesser whitethroat in December! The odds favour an easterly origin for this bird but picking them on plumage is tricky to say the least. If it is eastern then it looks pretty normal! Perhaps it will get trapped in the near future and we will get an answer.

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