Sunday, December 1, 2013

ivory gull in BK!


I could not get myself going this morning, despite a howling westerly, but news of an ivory gull north of BK in Halland got me going. If I could not bird at least I could twitch! I arrived at Laxvik to find the bird had flown and I knew where it was going so I headed straight back to BK. Arriving in the car park at Båstad in time for Martin Åkesson to ring and let me know the bird had passed Mellbystrand. Tension mounted I sat on the breakwater. The bird reached Skummeslövsstrand where Martin caught up with it (heroic), then Malenbadet. Martin arrived in Båstad. We waited and waited and then noticed birders on the other breakwater looking excited. Bugger!

Martin kindly kept watch and promised to ring if the bird flew and I shuffled round the harbour praying for it to stay. Luckily it was feeding on a dead bird and stayed put. What a beauty and huge everlasting thanks go to Martin. After filling my card (so to speak) I headed for the shops to buy it some fish. Feeding it frozen herring through the afternoon in front of a packed gallery was very pleasant and an occupation ideally suited to my weakened and emotional state.

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