Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birding - 13/06/09

Large yellow-underwing Noctua pronuba - flushed by the three daughters of the Apocalypse and perched for views

The kids also pushed a bird off this nest on the ground by the path - marsh tit?

The morning was dull and overcast but by lunchtime we were back in business with the sun out again at last. It has only been two days of rain but it has dragged on a bit. Despite the weather we all went for a walk down Sinarpsdalen in the morning. Highlights include the nest above, a superb male red-backed shrike and a couple of redpoll.

After lunch headed out for a tour of a few sites along the Hallandåsen. Had a family group of three cranes almost immediately - flying by and trumpeting like good'uns. Searched a few sites for firecrest without success. Had time for half an hour at Klarningen. Most of the green sandpipers had departed, although five remained. Two spotted redshank remained too and a flock of 13 shelduck were new in. Otherwise quiet.

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