Monday, June 1, 2009

Nocturnal birding - 1/6/09

Was out birding at midnight for owls and nightjars. Had the latter by the bucketload - one even tried to get in the car at one point. No owls throughout. Tried on-patch for quail and spent some time listening to thrush nightingale and marsh warbler belting out their songs before calling it a morning. The session was good for mammals though with my first Swedish badger (with a second for good measure too) and a couple of hedgehogs.

Looked after the kids during the day and we had a brief look at Ranarpstrand mid-morning. Highlights here included one avocet (are they breeding?), a single splendid grey plover and a curlew. A pair of velvet scoter loafed off Grytskaren, looking rather fine.

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