Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birding - 21/06/09

One of the weird practices along the Bjäre coastline is the bulldozing of beaches to remove seaweed. I dislike it because it removes lovely rotting seaweed that attracts waders during migration. Perhaps more importantly though it seems insane to remove beach material (ie sea-defences) when sea-level rise has been established as fact (in the UK it would be illegal). Several sites where this is practised are showing signs of erosion, many are backed by expensive holiday homes... I bought a house above the 80 metre contour!

Summer has finally arrived. Took the kids out to the beach at Torekov rev hoping for yesterdays reported brent goose. It had flown and apart from a few breeding terns everything was quiet here this morning.

After dinner nipped down to Klarningen for a quick look. A few waders as usual with green sandpiper (4), curlew (9), oystercatcher (12) and little ringed plover (1). The latter did a superb broken-winged and wobbly distraction display in front of me, despite the fact that I am pretty sure the nest is across the river!

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