Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birding - 25/06/09

Like most of the rest of Bjäre, the upland areas of the Hallandåsen are dotted with small farms. One is run almost entirely without motorised machinery - very Amish. No idea whether it is better for birds but it looks nice.

After a day and half resting I got bored and went out in the afternoon to give myself a road-test. Recent sightings at Klarningen have included both the Egyptian goose (found previously) and a few birds I have yet to see at the site. So headed there hopefully. Should have known better though, managed to find six green sandpipers (and the Egyptian goose...) but no greenshank or ruff. Turn-over is rapid here it seems, probably because the site can be offering little in the way of food I imagine. The top-soil areas have dried out and most of the remaining wet areas are on sub-soil. The water level is dropping too - it look like the system is rain-dependent at the moment. I just hope it retains enough water for the upcoming autumn wader migration, which could be fun here if so.

Drove home over the top, stopped briefly at Ehrenstorp, hoping for feeding cranes but getting agitated whinchat and calling cuckoo instead.

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