Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bumbling - 14/06/09

Yttre Kattvik - looked great in the sun with a light westerly this morning but the winds were not strong enough for any real seabird action

Got out and about late today. Took the kids out to Yttre Kattvik for a walk and some climbing on the rocks along the seashore. A few birds going past included a summer-plumaged red-throated diver and a single guillemot. Spent quite a bit of time taking some poor shots of bumble bees and will try and get to grips with this group during the summer. Just spent some time trying to identify one, only to discover it was a 'cuckoo bee' - they look like the hosts obviously...

We lunched up at Älemossen for an hour and got a nice male red-backed shrike and a displaying honey buzzard. Number 1 found the best thing though, a superb oil-beetle (Meloe violaceus) - grotesquely pictured below.

Oil-beetle - Meloe violaceus

Last stops of the day were at Eskilstorpstrand (not much but 100+ mallard on the beach) and Klarningen (single mistle thrush of note in quick look - migrant?).

The view north along the Halland coast from the Hallandåsen

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