Wednesday, April 3, 2013

pied wagtail!

Spent Easter with the team, we got out a few times but the continuing cold weather and a lack of serious effort resulted in few noteworthy birds. But things have looked up this week, it is still very cold at night but bright sunny days reign, typically though I am working with little time to get out...

Yesterday though wildfowl started moving in earnest and I finally managed my first barnacle geese (8) of the year over Torekov. Today started with two Bewick's swans north over Båstad. Over lunch I had a quick look for the hawk owl on Älemossen but failed, just a black woodpecker calling here. Later in the day I visited Klarningen, no ice here at last and at least nine snipe around a good muddy edge for a BK year-tick. Also here the first ringed plovers on site for the year and two barnacle geese. The best bird though was a pied wagtail, a good-looking male bird. I have tragic form with this species in BK, I had one rejected at the same time of year at Torekov two years ago. This bird was adjudged a probable hybrid and opened my eyes to the number of yarrelli breeding in Scandinavia. No photos of the bird today but hopefully I will get this one accepted.

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