Monday, April 29, 2013

the year-ticks keep coming

Had a busy day today, mostly ferrying Mrs B to the dentist and back again - emergency root canal work... Had some time in the field though and made the most of it. In the morning sun I checked out Segelstorpsstrand and Ranarpsstrand hoping for some passerine migrants. It was rather quiet on the passerine front, although for the first time since I got back there were plenty of migrants singing instead of feeding desperately. Perhaps spring has arrived. The only passerine of note was my first tree pipit (1). The stuttering whistles of my first whimbrel of the year announced it's progress as it headed south... Even more impressive though was a noisy flock of migrating curlew (40).

Ranarpsstrand looked like it was going to fail on the wader front until I flushed a jack snipe (another year-tick). A few duck here though including a male gadwall and a pair of shoveler.

Later in the day I squeezed in half an hour at Klarningen in overcast, rainy and rather blustery conditions. I was hoping the rain might have knocked some birds down and sure enough three ruff were new for the year. Otherwise little new in since yesterday.

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