Friday, April 5, 2013

reed bunting falls

Still no photos, sorry about that but there is nothing to point a camera at currently. Had a morning in the field and checked the coast between Ranarpsstrand and Lervik, hoping for a wheatear... No chance this spring it seems but I did snag a few reed buntings, some singing from suitable habitat. The only other bird of note was an invisible redshank at Ranarpsstrand, it's disembodied call floating around occasionally and defying location.

In the afternoon we had an hour at Klarningen. I was hoping for a bit of migration but had to settle for the birds on the ground which included at least 16 snipe, four whooper swans and my first migrant white wagtail of the year.

The year list stands at a mere 118. Look at the following figures for the dates 118 was attained in the five complete years I have been birding BK. 2012: 20/3; 2011: 20/3; 2010: 25/3; 2009: 9/3; 2008: 22/3. I am too tired to work out the average date. But 118 achieved roughly two whole weeks later this year compared to these figures.

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