Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birding - 31/05/09 - Mothers Day

Singing Blyth's reed warbler in Halland - twitched off today at Mrs B's request. It was Mothers Day so I could not refuse...

Mrs B called the shots this morning and asked for a quick look at the singing Blyth's reed warbler just north of Halmstad in the morning!! She is such a twitcher! We did it and it was a very obliging and educational bird. I am finding the leap from two Acros to five rather a strain and have to listen to as many as I can. Be good to find Blyth's on the patch one day... They seem to be turning up with increasing regularity in Sweden and this may be part of a westward expansion in range I suspect. Got some good recordings of the song and two types of call.

On the way home we stopped at Tönnersa for a swim and had a great time but few birds. Fishing osprey and two goosander were the highlights. Brown tiger-beetles were chased for photos and the first Calyopteryx virgo of the year appeared briefly by the car.

Brown tiger-beetle (Cicindela hybridus) - abundant in the dunes north of the Lagan River in Halland

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