Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birding - 03/10/09

Terrible weather this morning, but undeterred I headed out for a wet three hour session. Kicked off at Eskilstorp, hoping for a Lapland bunting. Booted across the stubble to no effect, the pools were quiet but on the way back I was rewarded with a fly-over woodlark.

Klarningen was kinder to me with a migrating 1K hen harrier on arrival. Kicked about here too, hoofing up large numbers of yellowhammer, reed bunting and meadow pipit. Also kicked up three snipe and even better not one but two jack snipe. I was on a hat-trick, with great snipe to play for and the timing perfect. But unfortunately it really started to rain half-way round and I called it a day. Will have to keep at it, great snipe is on the patch list and we are entering the peak passage period.

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