Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nutcracker - 18/10/09

An odd family day out, started with the car not starting (too cold)! Taught Mrs B how to start it with the battery charger and then we set off. The red light was on, so we drove around to re-charge the battery. The light did not go off quickly, so we headed out on a round-trip of the back roads of the Hallandsåsen. This paid off with a quality bird sighting. I suppose in the week after my operation it was inevitable that I would finally unblock nutcracker for the patch year-list! Three of them, feeding silently by the road at Atteköp - great birds.

With the battery light still on after 45 minutes, we feared a dead battery and headed for home, but the sight of a rough-legged buzzard flying over the village soon had me stalling the car! The car started fine though, so we finally went for a walk. Did the stretch from Malen to Eskilstorpstrand (slowly). Highlights included; Slavonian grebe (2, Eskilstorpstrand), great crested grebe (26, Eskilstorpstrand), barn swallow (10, Malen and another at Eskilstorpstrand), crested tit (1) and crossbill (4).

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