Monday, October 12, 2009

Birding - 12/10/09

Busy on the home front in the morning, with a variety of domestic stuff. Did get a garden tick though, a high flock of 70 barnacle geese following the Hallandåsen west and just within earshot. Driving back from the weekly shop had a nice peregrine hunting by Ängelholm airport - I trust it wasn't one being used to scare birds away, couldn't see any jesses as we drove by.

Mrs B pushed me out the door at the end of the day and I walked between Öllövstrand and Glimminge, hoping for something eastern. All the great weekend easterlies delivered just one dusky warbler and a scattering of Siberian and abietinus chiffchaffs over the whole of Skåne. Slim pickings, but you have to try. Amazingly I did hear and record two abietinus chiffchaffs at Glimminge - the easy highlight of the walk. Other birds of note were a 1K wheatear at Öllövstrand (my latest ever on the patch - although I am usually abroad at this time of year!) and a total of seven snipe.

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