Friday, October 16, 2009

Brokeback birding - 16/10/09

If anyone in the UK is wondering why all the thrushes have left Scandinavia, they should have been out with me this morning. Sleet, rain, cold and miserable, and I am in the south!

Dropped the team at the in-laws and survived 40 minutes at Sandön mid-morning, before heading for the car. Plenty to see here though, with an excellent hunting white-tailed eagle being the highlight. Better weather would have allowed a more thorough examination of the 25 snipe present at the river mouth. Other birds included; whooper swan (1), pintail (3), coot (3), water rail (2), greenshank (1) and dunlin (14). On the way home checked the turf-farm at Södra Utmarken and found a huge flock of 45 mistle thrushes, with a few fieldfare and redwing thrown in for good measure. As usual no sign of the great grey shrike, perhaps the recently reported bird was a migrant and the regular bird has yet to return?

In the afternoon we all headed to Torekov to get out of the house. En route had a goshawk at Hov and a whooper swan at Flytermossen. The rev is never very good in northerly winds, so the the poor showing here today came as no surprise. Just four redshank and a velvet scoter of interest. The woods were quiet, producing a couple of treecreepers in a mobile tit flock. Slightly dull afternoon but the road to personal full mobility has been sighted and I may be able to stop walking like a cast member of 'Brokeback Mountain' shortly.

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