Saturday, October 17, 2009

Off-patch birding - 17/10/09

Near adult white-tailed eagle at Hasslarps dammar this morning - looks identical to yesterday's bird at Sandön and it is probably the same bird. I have seen a lot of sea-eagles, but a close encounter is always a thrill.

Took Team Benstead out for a walk around Hasslarp dammar today. Plenty of wildfowl here, including little grebe (2), smew (redhead - only my 11th record in Sweden!), pochard (3), pintail (3), gadwall (2) and shoveler (8); all of which have been annoyingly hard to find on the patch of late. Top billing was again stolen by a white-tailed eagle though, probably the same bird as yesterday. Other birds of note included whooper swan (3), wigeon (200), teal (45) and red kite (1).

After lunch at the in-laws, I took Grandad and Number 2 out to Rönnen to look at geese. We found at least 17 white-fronted geese, in amongst the greylag (950) and barnacle (800). Waders here included greenshank (1) and dunlin (26).

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