Friday, October 2, 2009

Update on recent stuff

Sent the video of the gull I saw two days ago to the men who know. Jörgen Bernsmo reports back:

"The condition of this bird is not the best and the pattern of the feathers unnatural. Without seeing the primaries it´s difficult to tell its age but I would say 4 cy+ and most likely a HG. The dense markings on the head outrules any YLG and the jizz of the head and bill is clearly HG to me. atlantis may show dense streaking on the head but as far as we know they do not occur here. The overall jizz is also HG but you need to see the primaries to tell for sure!"

And finally sad news today from yesterday's great grey owl. It keeled over and died in front of a small gallery of birders this morning. Just squeaked that one in, it was in very poor condition apparently.

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