Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birding - 07/05/09

With Mrs B at work and Numbers 1 & 2 at nursery school, Number 3 and I headed out into the wet, grey yonder to look at birds. We started with a quick look on-patch at Eskilstorps pools. Here we heard the grasshopper warbler again and had 75 golden plover streaking north overhead. Number 3 especially enjoyed the big 'dozers working on the new Klarningen wetland reserve that the council are building across the river just for us!

Number 3 was bouncing about in her pram when this bulldozer came in for good views. I must admit I was nearly as excited. Look at the laser-levelling gear... Takes me back to my RSPB days, except then I had to refrain from making macho hippo-like noises whilst watching heavy plant. No such restraints now.

From here I could not resist driving north to Trönninge ängar which is the nearest thing to what the new Klarningen wetland will be like when it is finished. Waders were much in evidence here, including breeding avocet, redshank, lapwing and oystercatcher, as well as passage ruff, whimbrel and greenshank. Three 2K little gulls loafed on an island - a long overdue year-tick. I had hoped to connect with a male garganey that has been hanging around or perhaps the pair of penduline tit, but no joy. They may have been scared off by the loud snores coming from Number 3 as she settled into the cosy hide. Two grey-headed wagtails were a small consolation. Anyhow the idea that we may have such a reserve on our door-step by next spring is mouth-watering.

Trönninge ängar

We drove back to meet Numbers 1 & 2 and take them to play in the park in Ängelholm. Here we watched five free-flying mandarin come in to the daily feed at the duck-pond. This species is not Cat C in Sweden for some reason - surely there is a self-sustaining population around here? A wood warbler sang along the river and then it was time to pick up Mrs B from work.

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